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The Acorn Bookshop is on the big screen! "Liberal Arts", starring Josh Radnor,Elizabeth Olson, Richard Jenkins, and Allison Janey, was released in 2012

In June 2011 Josh Radnor ("How I Met Your Mother" -- TV sitcom) and his film crew rented out the Acorn Bookshop for a day of 12-hour filming, and we (barely) survived not only the filming when much of the side of the store was moved around, but also the cutting room floor. Acorn represents a New York City bookstore. Josh's father, Alan, of Bexley, said that Josh scouted many bookstores in New York and Ohio before settling on Acorn.

The shop looks great in the movie; we're in three scenes. You can even see the name "Acorn Bookshop" in one scene when Radnor walks in our side door. At the time we had large letters on the door-glass that in the movie could be read in reverse, from the inside. Any of you who have visited our bookshop will instantly recognize the scene shot at the check-out counter.

The movie is hard to categorize. It's not a romance, though there is romance in the movie. It's not a comedy, though the audience at the premiere laughed appropriately at many of Radnor's well-written lines. It's not an action film, moving leisurely from New York to the Kenyon College campus, where Radnor's character visits 15 years after graduation.

What it is, is a love sonnet to books and reading, from the first scene where Radnor is walking the city streets reading a book on his way to the laundromat, to the final scene where Radnor is cozying up to the "Acorn" bookstore manager. There are philosophical discussions on what to read and what not to read. Josh's father said that he's always been crazy about books, and bookstores.

So we're very excited about Acorn's small part on the big screen. Go and see the movie and tell us what you think.





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